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25 January 2006 @ 10:07 pm
Just me bumping up the Girls Guild thread! We need some more members! Come on ladies, I know that most of you have men in your lives that you just shake your head at and wonder where they come up with the things they say and the things they do!

Come on, join us!
16 January 2006 @ 05:40 pm
WELCOME to Girls' Guild!

This community started when me and Amy harrysmom were ranted over. Well, somewhat you can say. So, I thought there should be a Guild where only girls can discuss things that can only be discussed by girls. Tee hee, I know that was a round-sentence, but who cares?

Anyway, some loose rules about this community:

Rules: (I can bet this will expand or contract, depending on the members we have):

- Only girls can join. Sorry guys, I guess you have to sulk away now.
- When posting to this communtiy. PLEASE, use the "Friends Only" Security option in your 'Update Journal' page, so that only the Girls' Guild members can read your posts rather than any LJ user.
- To join this community, go HERE.
-- Topics would start from PG-13 and onwards. So, faint-hearted and minors shouldn't join. The joining is moderated, while posting is not. You can always start a new topic with an interesting topic.


Hope you have a nice stay! ^__^

~ Tania
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